Chipatoli is the name of the village, the village where I spent my childhood, teenage and early youth. I grew up studying in my village school and playing in the plain open fields. The fresh memories of winter morning, monsoon rain, green fields, golden crops, fireflies at night, the mild yet bright light of the full moon at night, the sweet smell of ripe jackfruit and so many feelings pull me like magic. These memories chase me while I keep running in the busy Chittagong city. With time the love for the city and the river Karnafuli keeps growing inside me.
My photography started with my father’s camera. He used to take a lot of pictures of us (siblings) and store them in family albums with great care. These pictures still takes us back to our childhood. My mother didn’t want to give me the camera as she was afraid I might break it, also if father knew about it, he might get upset. The first time I got to use my father’s camera was probably back in 1997 or1998 while going off to school picnic. My father allowed me to have it due to my mother’s special request.
After then……..
There was a time I had no work in hand and father used to tell me off all the time. It took me a while to decide what to do or where to go. Meanwhile, seeing my keen interest in photography, one day my father sent me to work with one of his friend’s son. I had the enthusiasm within me to hold on to my passion for photography and ever since 2007 I have been nurturing this passion till today.
I love to travel a lot, due to work requirement I have to travel different places, and take pictures. I would roam around city, country side, hills, mountain, and forest-woods taking pictures of beautiful natural surroundings.
There came a time I realized the necessity to work on selected track or topic. My journey of photography took a beautiful turn at this point. I had several projects already in my mind and have been working on few for quite sometimes. “Maizbhandar” and “Karnafuli” are among them. Other projects include “Fishery Ghat” and “Rohingya Crisis”. My hope and dream regarding “Maizbhandar” and “Karnafuli” projects are very high as I have been working for quite a few years for them.
My passion, love, thoughts, memories of my teenage and youth life are attached with the work I do and these are the fuel that keeps me moving forward in this wonderful journey of photography. Though some of my works were on exhibition in Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates in recent time, I haven’t been able to take part in many other exhibitions or contests due to the ongoing project works.My dream is to present my work in international stages, participating in exhibitions around the world and publish as books.

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